Green Porch Organics provides weekly and bi-weekly produce boxes of 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables through our Contactless Delivery service to homes and businesses.  All our produce boxes are customizable to match your needs:

  • You create an account, choose your box size and delivery preferences, and if you want please let us know what fruits and veggies you prefer not to have in your box and we’ll exclude them. 
  • We Offer Free Weekly Customization and other great products from Our Marketplace.      
  • Delivery days currently are Wednesdays and Thursdays (depending on where you live!) with more days to come! 
  • We provide Year Round Contactless Free Delivery on orders of $75 or more! A delivery fee of $9.99 is charged for orders under $75 as we adjust for current market conditions and keep our Contactless Delivery service sustainable. Visit our Marketplace and Top Up your order over $75 by adding some great additional Marketplace products or a Fruit Box and receive Contactless Free Delivery! 
  • There is No Commitment…You can Change, Pause, Cancel Anytime or Stay Forever!
  • Referral Bonuses allow you to Give your friends $10 off a Green Porch Organic Box and you’ll Get a $10 credit added to your account when they make their 1st purchase ... Give10...Get10
  • Our Service is that Easy – plus it’s good for you and your family - it’s convenient, it's safe through our Contactless Delivery to your home, it saves you a trip and line-ups at the store and supports hard working organic farmers in our communities.



Green Porch Organics offers six (6) Box size options of 100% Certified Organic ‘Best of Season’ Produce Boxes each consisting of a mix of assorted organic fruits, veggies & herbs.

  • Large – Perfect for large families and vegan/vegetarian households of 4 - 6 people. This box offers the widest assortment of fruits & veggies and provides the best value!
  • Medium – Is just right for mid-sized families or couples of 2 - 4 people who like a wider assortment of organic fruits & veggies for their meals.
  • Small – Is ideal for small families or individuals of 1-2 people who like to cook most nights.
  • Mini – Our newest box designed for those individuals on their own who want a good mix of organic produce but not a large amount of any one item.
  • Fruit Box – This box is designed for people who are looking for fresh, delicious organic fruit to snack on throughout the week
  • Veggie Box – For small - mid-sized families of 2-3 people and vegetarians who enjoy cooking most nights.

Of course – you are never locked in to a delivery schedule or box size or option.  You can change…and change again…and change again….ok you get the idea!  So long as all changes are completed before Sunday at midnight you’ll be good to go!

There are two (2) ways to get more of an item – you may decide to not get another item in the weekly box selection in lieu of doubling up on an item that you want ….or you may keep all items as listed in the box and order additional quantities from our Marketplace. While you’re in the Marketplace check out our other products such as coffee, tea, honey, kids snacks and more and skip your next trip to the grocery store!

We offer full Customization on every box order at no additional cost. On the Friday before your weekly delivery, you will receive a Customization reminder email allowing you the option if you want to fully customize your box before midnight Sunday to perfectly suit your needs for the week.

Organically farmed produce is much more susceptible to weather and other environmental conditions than conventional foods since no pesticides or insecticides are used….remember, we are organic!  Since we place our orders with our organic suppliers and farmers based upon customer demand and pick up our produce on the morning of a Delivery Day, we are able to deliver food to you in a fresher and more sustainable way with little waste compared to grocery stores. However we can’t always guarantee that all items will be available, and even when items are available and if following our inspection they do not meet the quality and freshness standards we expect, we may have to substitute and add other fresh and delicious organic items to your delivery box.

If you’re not happy with anything that you receive from us, we’ve got you covered!  In the organic food business, things happen from time to time. Bruised apple? No frets! .....We stand behind Guilt free, No-Questions-Asked credits to your account for any items that you aren’t satisfied with which means you’ll never have to plead your case or drive back to a store to return your product!  Just send us an email at info@greenporch.ca and we’ll make it right!  100% Quality Guaranteed!

YES!!!  In order to be certified “organic” all our produce must be GMO Free.

Our focus is on supporting local farmers wherever possible.   We look to producers in our regions first, and then we look further afield.  Our service is year round and our produce is varied in our Best of Season boxes, which also means by necessity that we use non-local suppliers and particularly in colder months.  All our produce is 100% certified organic – no exceptions and all producers follow organic certification standards in countries where we source. Our Marketplace items come from small local producers that may not be certified organic, however any non-organic items are clearly identified, and if not organic, they are non-GMO and naturally produced.    



At Green Porch Organics we have always paid close attention to the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Chief Public Health Officer and have implemented extra cleaning measures around our fulfillment facility along with increased hand washing to help ensure everyone stays safe and well. 

In addition, ‘social distancing’ measures are practiced in our facility by all our staff while packing your boxes along with utilizing appropriate industrial hand sanitizers available for everyone.  We continue to encourage simple ways to reduce interaction with frequently touched objects while packing our boxes as well as our delivery methods to your doorstep.

While delivering to your residence or place of business, we have changed our procedures whereby we now provide Contactless Delivery where we knock or ring your doorbell and then leave your box at your door.  We will not pass the box to you if you are present, but leave the box on your doorstep!  This change in our procedures is important for the safety of all of us.

How you order depends upon how often you are home cooking meals.  We generally recommend getting Weekly deliveries so that your food is always as fresh as possible, but that doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyle.  You can always change your frequency of ordering at any time.

Nope, none, zero, zilch, nada!  Try us once, try us twice or become a regular customer and stay forever!

Of course, we prefer the latter and think you will too as our goal is to make you happy with our service being so convenient that you can’t imagine life without us!

We provide Year Round Contactless Free Delivery on orders of $75 or more!  A delivery fee of $9.99 is charged for orders under $75 as we adjust for current market conditions and keep our delivery service sustainable and safe. 

We encourage you to Top Up your Weekly orders over $75 with some of our great Marketplace items or add a Fruit Box to your order and receive Contactless Free Delivery!

Yes of course, we deliver to wherever you prefer as long as it is within our delivery area  and you are notified of this when your register. If we do not deliver to your home you may want to enter the address and postal code of your place of business instead.  If that works – we can deliver!  If it does not please let us know and contact us at info@greenporch.ca and we will try as best possible to get you a delivery!

Sure we can!  When you sign up just put the instructions in the Drivers info section of your Account.  You can also tell us where you would like us to leave your box delivery… in a cooler on the porch, by the front door, side door or back door…at the neighbour’s house?  Just make sure you tell us of any changes each week if there are some. You don’t have to be at home when we deliver….your delicious, organic produce  will be there when you arrive!

Optimizing our routes and minimizing delivery costs is important for all of us and there is no specific time that we provide for your delivery, but we do deliver between noon and 9:00 pm on your Delivery Day.  Your delivery will generally be the same time each week and will depend where you fall in on our driver’s route.

No Problem...You can always pause your account and skip a delivery …. just make certain to do so and let us know before Sunday by midnight.  If you make arrangements with a neighbour to accept your box while you’re away, simply tell us before Sunday night and we’ll deliver your box where you’d like.

Many of our customers are not at home when we deliver.  For this reason we recommend you set a cooler or container in the summer on your porch or back door and maybe a blanket in the winter to wrap the box.  We’ll put your box or goodies in the container and this way when the weather becomes extreme you’ll be covered and your produce will keep fresh!



We use a third party billing gateway that provides secure credit card payment transactions.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  You provide your payment information when you sign up and your credit card will be charged before each Delivery Day. 

If you are a Weekly customer, your first bill will include both your first and second deliveries.  Every Monday after that you will be billed for the following week's delivery.

If you are a Bi-Weekly customer, you will be charged for your first delivery on Monday and the charge for your second delivery will come the next Monday, a week in advance of your second delivery.

You may make changes to your payment information as needed by simply logging into your account.

We Love Referrals and if you love our products and our service, tell a friend as we have a great program where everyone benefits!  Give10...Get10 is our Referral program….Give your friends $10 off a Green Porch Organics box and you Get a $10 credit added to your own account when they make their 1st purchase!   Everyone Benefits and you'll feel good about it too!  Please make sure to tell them to fill in your name in the ‘Who Referred You” section in our sign up page and give them promo code Give10...Get10.


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